OKC Thunder: Chris Paul 10 must-haves features health, family and team

Chris Paul #3 of the OKC Thunder looks on in the first quarter. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Chris Paul #3 of the OKC Thunder looks on in the first quarter. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

In the 10 Things Chris Paul Can’t Live Without via GQ Sports the OKC Thunder guard offered insight into health, family and team secrets.

While the GQ Sports series of 10 Things players Can’t Live Without provides a specific list of must-have items. And, if you read between the lines there is more insight to be garnered.  OKC Thunder leader Chris Paul offered his top 10 list and of the players who’ve undertaken the task his is one that young stars might want to peruse for some savvy advice.

Lessons for young stars:

Posture: For example, the lumbar pillow or “lumbar roll” is an item that helps him maintain his posture. Paul jokes when asked if he’s shared it with his teammates that they probably all think he uses it because he’s the old man on the team. Balance and posture are critical components of playing to your potential and Paul clearly recognizes that fact.

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Hydration: Likewise, he stays hydrated by constantly drinking water – and mixes it up with flavored water. His flavor of choice is watermelon but and he also imbibes in cherry and strawberry.  Paul notes it’s important to stay hydrated while flying and the physical exertion the team deals with.

Keep the mind active: Paul notes he always has a book with him so he spends time off his phone and keeps learning. The book he was reading at the time of the video shoot was The Ride of a Lifetime, an autobiography on Robert Iger. The book dives into chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company and the lessons learned during his 15 years at the helm.

How he avoids his fear:

Some of the secrets we learn in the clip is CP3 isn’t the best flyer. One of his 10 items is a pack of Bicycle Cards. He notes he plays cards because he’s not the best flyer so by playing cards it allows him to pass the time on the plane.

His card crew on team flights is Dennis Schroder and Danilo Gallinari. CP3 notes one game they typically play is Guts (a game similar to poker).

Keeping his family close:

It’s no secret Paul is a family man and extremely close to his wife Jada Crawley, 10-year old son Chris Jr. and seven-year old daughter Camryn. What you might not know is the owl necklace he wears pays homage to the family.

If you look closely at the owl you’ll note the astrological symbols each member of the family The eyes are made up of Paul’s Taurus sign and his daughter’s Leo sign. The feathers on the body are the Aquarius sign for his wife and the feet are the Gemini sign for his son.

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Check out the video for the full list of his 10 must-haves.