The OKC Thunder players you had no idea were once on the roster

Caron Butler #2 of the Oklahoma City Thunder (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Caron Butler #2 of the Oklahoma City Thunder (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

As the world is in the midst of a non-forgettable time in history, but the OKC Thunder have had their fair share of players you have already forgotten donned the Loud City threads.

The OKC Thunder and sports in general often provide an escape for people, and now more than ever the people need an escape. So allow me to provide it to you. Let’s go on a journey down a rabbit hole of forgotten OKC Thunder players.

The NBA World has entered a dead period, and not just the normal dog days of August, a true dead period. The practice facilities are closed, the entire world is shutting down, and the only thing keeping us connected to our sports hero’s are their quirky, cringy, and sometimes hilarious social media posts.  No one knows when or if the season gets back on track, so what better time than now to do an article I have long wanted to.

We all remember the glorious Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook days. As if they were yesterday! (or at least a few months ago) We even remember sluggish Kendrick Perkins and Bambi-like Corey Brewer. However, there are some names in OKC Thunder history that throughout this short time (just over a decade) we have already forgotten about. Names you look at and go “Wait, he played for the OKC Thunder?”

Nate Robinson, G, 2011-4 games

How about we start with one of the most forgettable, yet recognizable names on this list and that is high flying Nate Robinson. Yes, we all know him from his Dunk contest fame, but he did in fact dawn an OKC Thunder uniform. All 5’9 of him leaped his way to four, count them four, games with the organization in 2010-11.

The Seattle native probably dreamt of playing for the franchise in his younger days, back when they were actually playing their games in his home town, and despite his four games played in Loud City, we were not able to change his mind on the move.

He had some words recently about the organization that does not land to favorably with the Thunder faithful.  In Robinson’s four games, he averaged 3.3 points and 1.5 assists. Robinson was able to produce five points, and an assist in game seven of the Western Conference Semi-Finals against Memphis in 2011.

Ish Smith, PG, 2015-30 games

Another forgotten member of the OKC Thunder army is Ish Smith. The 31-year-old guard has already been on 11 teams throughout his career, including his 30 game stretch with the OKC Thunder.

Smith put up one point, and assist, and rebound per game during his Bricktown stay. Ish Smith also played in a playoff series against Memphis, this being the 2015 series, but could not log a single point despite playing a combined five minutes in the series.

Caron Butler, SF, 2014-22 games

Caron Butler had a very nice career. The UConn product became a two-time all-star and won an NBA Championship in 2011 with the Dallas Mavericks. Butler was named to the All-Rookie team in 2002-03, after a dominating first season.

Butler would eventually be the OKC Thunder’s first real get in the buyout market. Not the first buyout move, but for sure the first time the Thunder faithful thought they grabbed themselves a true difference-maker late in the year. It did not pan out that way, in his Thunder tenure, he produced 9.7 points, three rebounds, and an assist.

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In the postseason Butler put up two 15 point games against Memphis (that should be another topic of discussion soon, reliving all those gritty playoff series against Memphis). In the 2014 postseason, however, Butler averaged six points and three rebounds on his way to become a cautionary tale around Oklahoma City. Anytime a buyout candidate is mentioned, you hear fans moan “Remember how Caron Butler worked out?”

 Shaun Livingston, PG, 18 games

Shaun Livingston is best known for his amazing recovery from a devastating injury on his way to becoming a big part of the Warriors three championships, but he did have an 18 game pitstop with the OKC Thunder and is one of the biggest what if’s in Thunder history–add him to the long list!

Livingston could’ve and probably would’ve turned into the best backup point guard the franchise has seen since the move to Oklahoma City instead that honor, of course, goes to Dennis Schroder. Livingston in his OKC career averaged four points and a rebound.

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Who are your favorite “Forgotten” OKC Thunder players?