OKC Thunder: NBA Draft big board 2.0 – Top 30 prospects

LaMelo Ball of the Hawks and RJ Hampton (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images)
LaMelo Ball of the Hawks and RJ Hampton (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images) /
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OKC Thunder
LaMelo Ball of the Hawks OKC Thunder NBA Draft Big board  (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images) /

LaMelo Ball, PG, 6’6, 180 pounds, 18 years old

Even if you only follow the NBA, and do not pay attention to the incoming prospects until they burst onto the scene in the association, you have heard of LaMelo Ball.

From his family’s reality TV series on Facebook to their shoe brand, his brother already in the league, and his loud mouth father, LaMelo is no newcomer to the spotlight.

While his brother Lonzo Ball is already on his second team in the NBA, his middle brother LiAngelo is currently trying to upstart his professional basketball career with the OKC Blue.

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Not only do many people suspect LaMelo is the most talented Ball brother, but many also have him going first overall in the upcoming NBA Draft.

A lot of people have opinions on Ball, and his family’s antics, but when you take all of that away and just look at the player, to me it is clear he is the best in class.

LaMelo Ball should have guard needy teams salivating, he is a prototypical modern NBA point guard. Electing to play in Australia rather than college ball, the 18-year old put up impressive numbers in the ABL.

When you watch LaMelo play, you will see a lot of playmaking upside. Highlight plays that make you wonder ‘how did he get that pass off?’ His speed mixed with control while handling the ball is something young prospects rarely possess.

With his accurate passing, and dazzling ball-handling you will not find a better playmaker in this year’s draft.

While he has a good ability to finish around the rim, playmaking and range are the extent of his offensive game.

Given his size and speed, he can defend almost any wing on the floor, but the effort and intensity would have to be there.

The hiccup in LaMelo’s game stems from the fact he has always been the best player on the floor. He oftentimes takes matters into his own hands, jacking up low-quality shots early in the shot clock, and trying to do way too much.

With NBA level talent around him, that problem could quickly subside.

Outside of poor decision making, his shot needs a ton of work. While it is not as bad as Lonzo’s shot when he first entered the league, there is no question once an NBA team gets their hands on LaMelo, they will try to change his form.

While the OKC Thunder will not land LaMelo Ball without making a dent into their future draft assets, he will still be a stud player to watch.