5 things the OKC Thunder can learn from ‘The Last Dance’

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OKC Thunder

OKC Thunder: NBA player Chris Paul (L) and Michael Jordan attend the Exclusive FABULOUS 23 Dinner hosted by Jordan Brand (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Jordan Brand)

The OKC Thunder may not have a history with Michael Jordan’s Bulls but ‘The Last Dance’ offers lessons that can help define the reposition and replenish era.

With the OKC Thunder and the entire sports world on hiatus fans are suffering from withdrawal.  Fortunately, our thirst for sports is temporarily being satiated by ‘The Last Dance’. The 10-part series documents Michael Jordan‘s final season in Chicago.

Cameras followed MJ, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, Phil Jackson, and their teammates as the Bulls captured the 1998 championship to solidify their second, three-peat in eight seasons.

For over two decades the raw footage sat collecting dust awaiting Jordan’s nod of approval to proceed with turning the film into the series. Turns out the straw that broke the GOAT’s back was watching LeBron James and his Cavaliers celebrating during their 2016 championship parade coupled with the Warriors breaking the Bulls 1995-96 regular season 72-10 record.

No doubt the King’s proclamation following the Game 7 title clincher that he felt like he could now lay claim to the greatest ever had a little something to do with MJ’s change of heart. Then again, for those familiar with the ultra-competitive Jordan these facts aren’t that surprising. The time had come to show a new generation who he and those Bulls were.

The series was always going to be welcomed by rabid NBA fans and particularly those who witnessed Jordan’s Bulls dominate the 90s. For those born too late to experience the mastery of Jordan or his squad, the series provides fodder for their presumption LeBron James or Kobe Bryant are the rightful GOAT.

Equally compelling is the peek behind the curtain. While every team has in house secrets what makes this series so intriguing is it occurred during an era before Social Media existed.

While the Thunder franchise missed the Jordan era by over a decade the perspicacity of the Bulls dominance offers viable lessons for the reposition and replenish era in OKC.

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