OKC Thunder: Dissecting 16 playoff seeds and 4 WC team records

OKC Thunder (Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)
OKC Thunder (Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images) /
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OKC Thunder
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Milwaukee Bucks:

  • 65 games played ( 53-12)
  • Record versus seeded teams: 31 occasions (21-10)
  • Record versus lottery teams: 34 occasions (32-2).
  • Home record (28-3)
  • Road record: (25-9)
  • Back to back sets: Nine played (15-3)
    • one with both teams seeded (2-0)
    • six with one seed/one lottery seed (9-3)
    • two with both teams in the lottery (4-0)

With the best record in the Association, the Bucks appear to have no weaknesses but how true is that statement? Milwaukee lost four of five games just prior to the suspension and benefited all season by opponents missing stars and/or core contributors. Although every team deals with injuries the fact Milwaukee got that advantage in 66 percent of their games is somewhat of an outlier.

The Bucks likely benefited by the timing of the league suspension and the only concern they’ll have if regular-season games are played upon return is ensuring they hold off the Lakers for the best record. Toronto is the closest to them in the East but is 6.5 games back and while they were slated to play twice in the closing schedule barring the Bucks completely imploding they aren’t likely to be caught by the Raptors or the Lakers.