OKC Thunder: Chris Paul confirms NBA Foundation impacted return negotiations

OKC Thunder captain and NBPA president Chris Paul confirms $300 million NBA Foundation impacted return negotiations.

The NBA Board of Governors is putting their money behind the words they’ve uttered with a $300 million dollar commitment. The money will be dispersed in increments of $30 million dollars a year over the next 10 years. NBPA president and OKC Thunder vet Chris Paul was intimately involved in making this come to fruition.

A foundation will be created with the money going specifically to black communities. The BOG will work with the National Basketball Players Association to define specifically where the money will go. Every community with an NBA team will be specifically affected positively as well as other communities throughout America and Canada.

The money will be utilized in areas of education tied to historical Black Colleges and Universities. Precedence will be afforded to specific areas such as STEM fields. Getting black students into internship programs, opportunities to be involved in shadow jobs and apprenticeships will also be a key focus area.

The charity will partner with sponsors and companies who will empower the black community with promotions, career advancement offers as well as promotion and networking opportunities.

Paul confirms NBA Foundation impacted return negotiations

The OKC Thunder captain Chris Paul who was actively involved with the return negotiations said part of the reason the players were so open to returning had a lot to do with the Board of Governors committing to create this charity. The BOG’s investment for a decade proves the charity can make an impact on institutional and societal change. As per the press release from the NBPA Paul provided the following:

I am proud of our league and our players for their commitment to this long-term fight for equality and justice, and I know we will continue to find ways to keep pushing for meaningful institutional change.” –  Paul

With the emphasis on education and employment, the foundation is keen to work through a three-tier plan. For youngsters coming directly out of high school training and internships will have a greater emphasis.

For those graduating from college and university, the emphasis will be on gaining employment and the third level of emphasis will be on continual opportunities for advancement.

Additionally, the Foundation will work with each individual team’s affiliated charities and local grassroots organizations.

The goal is to sustain this effort over the long term and create meaningful change.

The NBA has long been a leader in stepping up in support of the players and the team communities. This foundation is yet another example of why the NBA is a leader in sports as well as businesses in general.

Many players are actively doing their part as well like Chris Paul who is working with Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade who launched a Social Change Fund and LeBron James and several other players and celebrities who are promoting ‘More Than A Vote’ program.