OKC Thunder: Fans growing less enthusiastic about the ‘tank’

We at Thunderous Intentions asked OKC Thunder fans how they feel about the team potentially skipping the tank and competing in 2020-21. The majority of answers indicated they are up for competing.

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Our most recent Tweet was a direct question to you all in reference to the impressive start to the 2020-21 season for the Thunder. Though many expected and wanted a full-out tankathon in OKC heading into the year, through nine games played the franchise finds themselves with a 5-4 record which, in turn, slots them in the top-10 out West.

Our exact question read as follows:

In the past, we have brought up the idea of the OKC Thunder dealing for players to help them both win now as well as for the future, and it was met with a shocking amount of pushback. This was prior to the start of the season, and the mindset then was that the team should try to attain a top-3 pick in the upcoming draft in an effort to nab highly-touted point guard Cade Cunningham out of Oklahoma State.

Since then, however, OKC has proven themselves to be better than initially advertised, which has brought up the idea that they could still try to make themselves as competitive as possible while also properly rebuilding, as they already have a potential total of 18 first-round picks over the next seven seasons.

In response to our Tweet shown above, fans responded with somewhat of a shift in attitude to the prospect of competing this season, with anti-tank sentiment ringing loudly amongst the Thunder faithful.

This last Tweet is perhaps our favorite of them all — with the ample draft capital the team has already, we can still find our way to the top of draft boards via trading various other picks while also competing in 2021 and allowing the team’s current talents to take part in meaningful and competitive games.

OKC’s culture is built on putting their all in for the win. Tanking seems to be going against the grain in the minds of many Thunder fans.