UPDATED: Full List of OKC Thunder Future NBA Draft Picks

Jaylin Williams #6 of the Oklahoma City Thunder (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
Jaylin Williams #6 of the Oklahoma City Thunder (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

The Oklahoma City Thunder own a historic amount of NBA Draft picks, still capitalizing on the 2019 offseason trades that sent Paul George to L.A. to join the Clippers and Russell Westbrook to Houston. The OKC Thunder own just one first-round pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, coming in at 12 before the NBA Draft Lottery. However, the Oklahoma City Thunder have a treasure trove of future draft picks.

The OKC Thunder have an interesting offseason ahead after collecting 40 wins this season without their second-overall pick Chet Holmgren. So what future picks do they have at their disposal?

A complete list of the future NBA Draft picks owned by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

In June, as long as no Lottery madness happens, the OKC Thunder will be selecting at picks 12, 35, and 37 in the 2023 NBA Draft.

In 2024, things heat up. The Oklahoma City Thunder are owed the Houston Rockets first-round pick, which is only top-four protected. So as long as the Rockets’ pick falls between 5-30, it will head to Bricktown.

In that same draft, the L.A. Clippers own their first-round pick to the Thunder, completely unprotected. The Thunder also control their own first-round pick.

Perhaps the most interesting of the four is the pick owed to Oklahoma City from the Utah Jazz. That selection is top ten protected, and the Jazz offseason will likely shape whether OKC will retrieve that pick. If this pick falls in the top ten to stay in Utah, the same protections will be placed on Utah’s 2025 first-round pick.

In 2025 the Thunder are own the Rockets’ top-four protected pick, Swap rights with the L.A. Clippers first-round pick, the Miami Heat’s lottery-protected first-round pick, A top-eight protected pick from the 76ers, and the aforementioned Utah pick unless it gets settled in 2024.

In 2026, the OKC Thunder again get the Rockets’ top four protected picks, the Clippers’ first-round pick, their own first-round pick, the 76ers, and Jazz selections unless otherwise settled.

In 2027, the Thunder are owed the Nuggets’ top-five protected first-round pick, their own first-round pick, and the 76ers’ pick unless otherwise settled.

In 2028, the Thunder only own their first-round pick. In 2029, the Thunder are owed a Nuggets top-five pick and their own first-round pick.

Future First-Round NBA Draft Picks: 

  • 2023 (3): 12, 35, 37
  • 2024 (4): Rockets (Top-four protected, Clippers, Thunder, Jazz (Top-ten protected) NOTE: The least favorable of these four picks will be sent to the Denver Nuggets)
  • 2025 (4): Clippers Swap rights, Heat (Lottery protected), 76ers (Top-Six protected), Jazz (Top-Ten Protected, unless previously settled)
  • 2026 (6): Rockets (Top-four protected), Clippers, Thunder, 76ers (top-four unless already settled), Jazz (top-ten, unless already settled), Heat (unless already settled)
  • 2027 (3): Nuggets (top-five protected), Thunder, 76ers (unless otherwise settled)
  • 2028 (1): Thunder
  • 2029 (2): Nuggets, Thunder

Future Second-Round NBA Draft Picks: 

  • 2023 (2): 35, 37
  • 2024 (2): Houston (unless Rockets gave first-round pick. to OKC), Minnesota
  • 2025 (4): Hawks (unless 31-40), Rockets (unless first-round pick to OKC), Grizzlies, 76ers
  • 2026 (3): Rockets (Unless first-round pick to OKC), Thunder, 76ers
  • 2027 (4): Rockets, Pacers, Thunder, 76ers
  • 2028 (2): Thunder, Jazz
  • 2029 (5): Hawks, Celtics, Nuggets (Unless a Nuggets first-round pick is conveyed to OKC by then), Thunder, Suns, Heat
  • 2030 (2): Thunder, Heat

The Oklahoma City Thunder have a ton of draft picks and currently rank top-ten in the league in projected cap space this summer. Watching Sam Presti build this team will be fun for years.

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