Sam Presti gives clarity on raging debate within OKC Thunder fanbase

Oklahoma City Thunder is shown before a game (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Oklahoma City Thunder is shown before a game (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

The OKC Thunder fanbase has been in a rage for at least a decade over one topic…branding. The Oklahoma City Thunder fanbase is not thrilled with the branding, logo, or even most uniforms in team history. Sam Presti was asked to discuss this topic at his annual preseason Media Day availability.

Since they arrived in Oklahoma City 15 years ago, the OKC Thunder have dawned the OKC shield logo, with a basketball in the back and bolts darting off the sides. This logo has commonly been ranked as one of the worst in the league and has accumulated many names, such as the “Doritos” logo.

Sam Presti weighs in on hot-button debate within the OKC Thunder fanbase: Should the Oklahoma City Thunder rebrand?

This has been an issue that the Oklahoma City Thunder fanbase has long wanted to address, and with a new young era and a potential new arena, now seems like the perfect time to shake it up. Sam Presti addressed such assumptions on Wednesday.

Sam Presti by no means shut the door on rebrand talk, but it does not appear that a rebrand is coming down the pipe anytime soon. The Oklahoma City Thunder organization takes great pride in that shield logo and the work they have done on and off the floor to represent it.

While the OKC Thunder fanbase is begging for a rebrand, and I would not be up in arms either way, the Thunder’s branding gets a little too much hate.

As Presti said, “The cement is not dry.” 15 years going on 16, in the grand scheme of the NBA, is not a lot of time. It is hardly a chapter.

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