8 center targets Thunder must pursue during NBA Offseason

The OKC Thunder must look to secure their center of the future this offseason.
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3. Steven Adams

Steven Adams is no stranger to Thunder fans. He began his career and played seven seasons in the blue and orange before being traded to New Orleans in 2020.

Adams is well thought of as one of the best rebounding centers in the NBA. This past season he was traded from Memphis to Houston, but did not play a single game due to him having surgery on his right knee.

He has been dealing with the injury bug since leaving the Thunder, appearing in more than 70 games just once in the four seasons since his departure from Loud City.

Oklahoma City knows exactly what Adams brings to the table, and, frankly, he is a perfect fit for what the team needs.

During his last season in 2022-2023, Adams averaged a career high 11.5 rebounds per game.

There is no expectation for Adams to go out there and score 20 points but, rather, just to play strong, hard-nosed basketball and that's what he does.

He has been considered one of the strongest players in the NBA since his arrival to the league back in 2013.

The other positive thing about Adams and a potential homecoming in OKC is his value. Houston traded Victor Oladipo and a few second round picks to Memphis for Adams. With plenty of picks to play with, the Thunder could easily give the Rockets an offer they can’t refuse.

While the jury is still out on if a move like this is on GM Sam Presti’s radar, there is no doubt bringing back Adams would be a great low-cost move adored by fans.