3 Thunder who might be next on chopping block following Josh Giddey trade

With Josh Giddey now heading Chicago bound, who might be the next player sent packing by the OKC Thunder this offseason?
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Kenrich Williams

Of all the remaining players who were affected by the Josh Giddey trade, there's a case to be made that Kenrich Williams may have been the only one to have been so in a negative way.

A beloved member of this Thunder team both among the players and fans, Kenny Hustle endeared himself to the community right upon his arrival back in 2020 thanks to his energy, defensive efforts, long-range shooting, and overall willingness to scrap in the name of winning.

Unfortunately for him, however, over the past few seasons, Oklahoma City has gone about and stockpiled players at his position in guys like Cason Wallace and Isaiah Joe who provide very similar sets of skills, though at a more enviable age (20 and 24, respectively, compared to 29) and attached to more cost-efficient deals.

This alone had some believing that Williams could be a player placed on the trade chopping block this summer.

Now, with the addition of Alex Caruso, who adds all of the intangibles discussed above though at an All-Defensive rate, a career shooting average of 38.0 percent from beyond the arc, and with an NBA Championship attached to his name, it likely now only strengthens his odds of being shopped around and, in turn, moved ahead of next year.