Free Agency: OKC’s Biggest Competition for Kevin Durant

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Durant free agency
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5. Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers are the team that has been mentioned the least among the six teams that made Durant’s current short list. They’re a team that could really use Durant’s help at the small forward spot. Don’t be surprised if they throw everything they have at Durant during free agency.

Why Durant would sign here

The Clippers have arguably the best play-making point guard in the league with Chris Paul. He would be able to create open shots for Durant and draw defenders away from him. Along with Paul they also have possibly the best front court in the league with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. The star power that the Clippers have would mean Durant wouldn’t be able to draw double-teams on a regular basis. Durant has also said that places that offer opportunities outside of basketball interest him. Los Angeles is definitely one of those places.

Why Durant wouldn’t sign here

The Clippers may have plenty of star power already, but they are notorious for struggling in the postseason. Durant would likely be their attempt to fix this, but the losing tradition is already in place. On a related note, Durant’s Thunder have proven to be better than the Clippers in the playoffs each time the two teams meet. It’s hard to see Durant leaving to a team that he has been able to beat regularly when it matters.

Chances Durant signs here


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