OKC Thunder Offseason Improvement Series: Paul George

What are the Chances Paul George sticks around with the OKC Thunder? (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
What are the Chances Paul George sticks around with the OKC Thunder? (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

In the offseason improvement series, we’ll take a look at each player on the OKC Thunder roster and determine what they need to improve on. Newly acquired all-star Paul George is up.

Last week, the Oklahoma City Thunder acquired Paul George in a deal that shook the NBA. The perennial all-star comes to the Thunder fresh off one of his best seasons as a professional. George’s game features very few holes but there are certainly a few things he can shore up that’ll help the Thunder compete for a top seed in the Western Conference next season. Here they are:

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Defensive Effort

It’s no secret that when George is engaged on the defensive end he can be one of the best defenders in the league. The only problem is George doesn’t always bring enough defensive intensity.

Most would attribute him not bringing it on both ends nightly to his heavy offensive load in Indiana. While it’s true that George had to bear much of the offense on his shoulders in Indy, this won’t be the case in Oklahoma City.

Even with George in the fold, Westbrook will be leading the brigade for Oklahoma City on offense. This will open the door for George to be much more aggressive on the defensive end of the floor. While this isn’t so much something George needs to work on this offseason, it’s certainly something he needs to be cognizant of going into next season.

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More from Thunderous Intentions

Paul George is one of the best all-around players in basketball. That said, if you were to poke holes in his game and seek out areas that needed improvement, playmaking would be high on the list.

For his career, George averages just 3.2 assists-per-game. Yes, Westbrook will bear the load on offense but it would still aid the Thunder if George rounded out his game by enhancing his playmaking ability.


 As you can see, there are very few flaws in George’s game. He can score, shoot, rebound, pass, and defend. Some of these areas need a bit of work but overall he’s already an excellent player who will do wonders for the Thunder this upcoming season.