Ranking all-time top 5 OKC Thunder alternate jerseys

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OKC Thunder
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No. 3: 2014 “Pride” uniforms

Do you remember back in 2013 when the sleeved jerseys started to become a trend among teams in the NBA? The Thunder created their own “Pride” version in 2014 and it was definitely a pleasant sight.

While the uniforms were plain white, the cleverly placed orange and blue streams on the side spiced things up, along with a satisfying color combination on the back. The jersey would have looked just fine without the sleeves, but they were a unique addition that freshened up players appearances throughout the league.

Although the jerseys were liked, they were equally disliked by many fans. Conspiracies arose of the NBA implementing sleeved uniforms for further advertising opportunities, and it did not help that they were far more expensive for fans to purchase than their sleeved t-shirt counterparts. Add in an angry LeBron James ripping his sleeves off during an upsetting game against the Knicks and you then have a bad image surrounding the design of the attire.

Regardless of the views on either side the “Pride” uniform for the Thunder, and the league as a whole, came to an end. The design came into light during the time Adidas partnered up with the NBA, but now Nike has the contract and we have yet to see a re-implementation. While controversy surrounded the design, the “Pride” jerseys were an aesthetic gem for the OKC Thunder.