Ultimate OKC Thunder 2018-19 clutch time lineup

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - DECEMBER 20: Andre Roberson /

With Carmelo Anthony out, Dennis Schröder in, and Andre Roberson healthy, which new OKC Thunder player will be asked to step up down the stretch?

Carmelo Anthony may not have had the OKC Thunder tenure he’d hoped for, but he was an undisputed closer in the NBA. Melo was a player that was at least capable of hitting big shots in the moment. Now, he has been waived by Atlanta and awaits a new role, likely with the Houston Rockets.

The role of starter is one thing, but the final five players that a team ends games with says a lot. The Clippers played sixth-men Jamal Crawford and more recently Lou Williams consistently in the fourth. Previously for OKC: James Harden.

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There are a few players that are obvious locks to play down the stretch: Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Steven Adams.

The other two are up for debate. Which forward given the nod will likely depend on the hot hand, be it Patrick Patterson or Jerami Grant. Hopeful OKC Thunder fans will want Jerami Grant to come into his own and establish himself for this role.

The other guard spot will probably be situational. If the OKC Thunder have a lead to protect, Andre Roberson will get the call. If they need points on the board (or hack-a-‘Dre gets too annoying), Dennis Schröder will fill in.

A big question mark is whether or not Schröder and Westbrook can coexist. Playing together, Schröder will need to step up his long-range shooting as a 6’1″ shooting guard (32 percent career, but 29 percent last season).

The defense/offense combinations are intriguing. Both Schröder and Roberson have a bit of improving to do to make everything work, but multiple options is a nice departure from the OKC Thunder bench of a year ago.

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All stats per Basketball Reference